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The client will be asked about previous jobs/experience, studies, investments, and more that will prove that they are capable of delivering a product or service successfully, otherwise they will not be verified.

Validation documents

IDs, passports, phone numbers, bank accounts and addresses are real and government issued. Said documentation is then validated through a facial recognition tool.

Risk Assessment Process

Once the documentation is deemed to be legitimate and client matching, we start the risk assessment process in which we perform different background checks including: Anti Money Laundering checks, Enhanced Due Diligence checks, PEP checks, Watchlist screening, Fraud checks and more to assure that the client in question is compliant.

Ongoing monitoring

After the documentation verification and sophisticated checks, Solar counts with ongoing monitoring, meaning if any of the already verified clients is added to a Economic Sanctions watchlist, PEP list or is convicted of any financial crime, we will automatically be notified.

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In depth project review

During this phase the KYC team will spend a significant amount of time researching into the client in question to fully understand what it is they have/are trying to build. During this phase many questions will arise which will then be asked during the personal interview down the line.


Documentation gathering

Once the project is cleared to proceed, they will be asked to provide all the necessary documentation according to the Tier chosen.


Documentation verification

This phase consists of our tooling verifying the veracity and accuracy of all the documentation sent by the client such as IDs, passports, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and more.


Documentation validation

Upon the documentation being determined as genuine we will then move onto verifying that the documentation sent matches our client and there is no impersonation taken in place. This is done through a facial recognition tool powered by AI. 


Multisig and/or address check

All personal wallets, multi-signs and multi-sign addresses will be checked to ensure their validity.


Recorded personal Interview

During this individual interview we will question each of the team members about the following topics: their motivations, objectives, studies, past jobs/experiences, investments, and more. The goal of this interview is to make sure that the client is capable of delivering their product or service.


Fulfilled KYC announcement

Once all the requirements are met, an announcement will be sent in our Twitter, Discord and website will be updated with the project’s details allowing the investor to increase confidence in the protocol and behind it.


Enhanced Due Diligence

For starter DeFi teams
Team member documentation gathering, verification, and impersonation prevention.
Personal background checks: AML checks, PEP checks, sanction lists screening.
Blockchain analysis on personal addresses, project addresses/multi-signs.
Social media unauthorized access prevention.
Extensive personal interviews
Automatic Due Diligence checks that flag post-verification in case of status change (AML, PEP, and sanctions lists).


For larger projects with established legal entities
Personal procedure.

Same personal procedure as tier 2
Company procedure.

Legal entity background checks: AML checks, financial risk assessment, and sanction screening.
Team risk assessment: company establishment, structure, operations/procedures, planning against unexpected situations, and planning to successfully deliver products and/or services.

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What is Solar KYC?

Solar KYC is a top tier KYC currently in the DeFi environment. Using the latest and most advanced methodology in the industry we offer an in-depth manual and automatic check on the background and documentation behind an individual.  Therefore Solar KYC offers one of the most robust and secure KYC platforms around.

Does Solar KYC means funds are safe and/or projects wont rug?

Solar is acting as a KYC provider only. This means that we are not offering investment or financial advice regarding the project. Solar KYC means that in the event the funds are stolen or “rugged” then the Solar KYC will open up a fraud report in the country of residence and work with the investigating service providing them with the documentation we hold on file against the individual in question.

How does Solar verify the veracity of the documents handed by the clients?

We verify documents in various different ways, one method being working with our supplier contacts allowing us to compare some certain documents against a number of databases that we have access to. While this is a big part of our offering we also have a skilled team who can do manual checks against relevant documentation.

When would you release information about a project where funds appear to be stolen?

Solar KYC will never release information of any KYC’d individual without a substantial investigation of the situation. Until significant hard evidence has been obtained and presented to our team all information will be considered as speculation or “fud”. All evidence should be sent via our website or speaking to one of our team in our discord server. Once theft has been proved before all doubt we will raise a report with the relevant legal body in the relevant country of residence.

What if my project doesn't meet your criteria? Can I apply multiple times?

Absolutely you can. If we decline an application, that does not mean we will never work with that project. It could have been denied for various reasons which will be clearly provided to those projects or individuals. A new application can be submitted once the reasons for being declined have been resolved.